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Streamline Cambodia: Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency Through Innovation


A consortium of leading Cambodian businesses across various sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, and retail, sought to address critical inefficiencies in their supply chain operations. Collaborating with Eurogroup Consulting, the consortium aimed to leverage technological innovations and strategic insights to revitalize Cambodia’s supply chain infrastructure.


The consortium faced several pressing challenges:

  • Fragmented supply chains with poor coordination among different stakeholders, leading to delays and increased costs.
  • Inadequate use of technology in logistics and inventory management, resulting in inefficiencies and lack of real-time data for decision-making.
  • Vulnerability to regional and global supply chain disruptions, impacting the reliability and resilience of operations.

Eurogroup Consulting proposed a multifaceted strategy designed to modernize and streamline supply chain operations across Cambodia. Key elements of the solution included:

  • Implementing advanced supply chain management (SCM) software to enhance coordination, efficiency, and visibility.
  • Integrating IoT (Internet of Things) technology for real-time tracking of goods and inventory optimization.
  • Developing a framework for strengthening supply chain resilience against disruptions through diversification and strategic planning.

The project began with a comprehensive assessment of the current state of supply chain operations within the consortium’s network. Eurogroup Consulting facilitated the selection and implementation of SCM software tailored to the consortium’s specific needs. Pilot projects utilizing IoT technology were launched to demonstrate the benefits of real-time data tracking and analytics. Workshops and training sessions were organized for staff and stakeholders to ensure effective adoption of new technologies and practices. Additionally, Eurogroup Consulting conducted scenario planning exercises to identify potential risks and develop contingency strategies.


To maintain momentum and ensure long-term improvements in supply chain efficiency, Eurogroup Consulting recommended:

  • Continuous investment in technology and staff training to adapt to evolving supply chain innovations.
  • Regular review and optimization of supply chain operations to identify areas for further enhancement.
  • Fostering partnerships with suppliers, logistics providers, and technology companies to explore new solutions and opportunities for collaboration.
Engagement ROI

The Streamline Cambodia initiative led to significant improvements in supply chain efficiency and resilience for the consortium members. The adoption of SCM software and IoT technology enhanced operational transparency, reduced lead times, and minimized costs. The strategic focus on building resilience prepared the consortium to better manage future disruptions, ensuring continuous operations and reliability. Overall, the project not only strengthened the competitive position of Cambodian businesses in both domestic and international markets but also set a benchmark for supply chain innovation within the region.